Humpback Whale Migration Season June - October 

Hop aboard RIB boat for a day of whale snorkeling with Humpback Whales!


Get up close to encounter the natural beauty of these mammals all whilst learning about their behavior and importance to the ocean. 

The Gold Coast water's offer a favorable environment for the whales to travel through during migration season.


Blessed with this opportunity, we travel to the migration station 'hot spots' for you to to have a spectacle and swim with the whales!




Gentle Giants of the Gold Coast

If you've never experienced Humpback Whales in their natural habitat, while now is the time to experience this jaw dropping spectacle!


Humpback Whale migration season is upon us and we're flippin stoked to share this excursion with you.


Book with us and enjoy a day sighting whales as we educate you on their behavours and their reasons for migrating through the Gold Coast waters.


Don't forget to hire a GoPro with us, to capture these amazing creatures on film for you to share with family and friends!